Our mission is to increase innovations in VR/AR/MR through collaborative projects that build talent and capability. Our centre has a large focus on R&D projects along with supporting new ventures through incubation, shared workspace and accessible use of the latest mixed reality equipment.


R&D Projects

Taking on an innovation project internally is hard. PROJECTR makes it easy.

For Corporates

We enable you to access the smartest minds working in VR/AR in New Zealand. Looking for a proof of concept or R&D project? Our collaborative lab environment draws on the talent of our broad industry membership network and tertiary partners including our Open Lab Partner Victoria University.

For industry talent

Keen to grow your connections and skills while working on paid projects? We offer collaborative virtual, mixed or augmented reality work opportunities for our members.

For Tertiary

Our projects bridge the gap from University to the workforce, retaining our best digital talent and growing our capability.



Incubation/ Acceleration

PROJECTR offers future thinking incubation services.Got a great idea or a startup working in AR, VR or AI, we want to hear from you. We can look at a range of options to take your product, game or idea to the world.

MR/VR Studio

PROJECTR has several rooms dedicated to the creation and showcasing of VR/AR content. These facilities are available to both members and public. Want to book out our space, or some of our sweet gear, get in touch.



Courses to learn how to use the latest technology. Investment showcase and demo events, hackathons, networking and conferences.

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